William Wallace Medieval Sword w/ Sheath Silver


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Reclaim your FREEDOM from the tyrannical English king with this authentic William Wallace sword! This sword is a replica of the sword William Wallace wielded in the movie Braveheart. The blade is made of polished stainless steel and is double edged. The hilt and pommel are composed of polished metal and the handle is wrapped in leather. The sword comes complete with an authentic rough leather sheath that includes a strap to attach this 40.75 inch sword to your belt.

Features include:

Polished stainless steel double edged blade

Polished metal hilt and pommel

Leather wrapped handle

Rough leather sheath with belt strap

40.75 inch overall length

29.5 inch stainless steel double edged blade

Sold Out
  • Product ID: TC-20-901117

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