Silver Survival Knife with Survival Gear


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The Full Tilt Survival knife is a dream knife for just about anybody. Dressed in silver, designed to do "business" it holds no surprises or setbacks. Just a super-strong blade, 440 stainless steel. From first impression, you know what its designed for, and it will do just that - what you ask of it. The overall length is 12 inches from head to toe, the blade is almost 6 inches, which means you get plenty of handle to hold onto when you are "at work." Hidden hollow handle with a compassmatches, needles, fishing hook and lineleather like sheath with belt loop. Blade sharpening stone with special pocket on sheath. The blade is partially serrated, allowing an expanded repertoire of functions. Steel pommel, capable of delivering deadly blows with a durable back rubber handle. Does what it looks like it can do.

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  • Product ID: TC-25-0681S

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