Set 3 Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives with nylon case


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These throwing knives are great for practicing your throwing technique. The sport of throwing knives is becoming more and more popular as people realize the fun and excitement of being able to land a knife exactly where you want it. These inexpensive throwing knives are ideal for beginners and those just getting interested in the sport. They're sturdy enough and balanced enough to practice with. While perfecting your throwing technique, you will be able to make these knives stick whenever you want.

The set of three throwing knives comes with a case that you can keep them in. Carry on your belt or in your backpack. When camping, bust them out and practice learning your new skill

6.5" overall (knife)

  • Set of three knives
  • Black Nylon▀sheath included
  • Circle loop on the end of the knife

  • Sold Out
    • Product ID: TC-25-086-3RC

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