King Arthur Dagger


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King Arthur Dagger - Brass
In mythology, the dagger of King Arthur was used to swear blood oaths of honor and loyalty. As symbolic as his sword, Excalibur, King Arthur?s dagger never left his side. This version of the dagger by Denix is a match for their Excalibur sword , making a great set for costume or gaming activities. The blades of Denix daggers and swords are cast from a metal alloy and cannot be sharpened, making them safe for display in family environments.


Styled to match Denix Excalibur. Great gaming or costume sword. Safe - cannot be sharpened.


Blade Length: 10?
Handle Length: 5?
Overall Length: 16 1/2?

Sold Out
  • Product ID: TC-25-863B

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