Gold Legendary Sword of the King of the Britons


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The king reaches into the deep, sighting something shimmering and of power. He grasps it and raises a sword into the moonlight - its silvery shine almost blinding, thoroughly brilliant. With it, he embraces his destiny as king, realizing his path to rule, to lead, to protect. As legend had it, a powerful sword was claimed by the King of the Britons, given to him by an enchantress who lived in the depths of a magical lake. The king, according to myth, with his sword and his trusty knights, went on to rule for many years and ushered a new age of peace and prosperity for their kingdom.

This would be the centerpiece of any collection especially because of the large stained wooden plaque that is included. Quality brass hardware is also included, so you can hang it on your wall.

The best feature is the raised, ornate decorations on the pommel. The design might be a family crest or a symbol of strength and leadership. The handle is black and has a soft, leather-like feel for secure grip.

The blade is polished stainless steel with a decorative imprint.

SPECIFICATIONS: Overall Length: 45.25" Blade Length: 36" Blade Thickness: 5/32" Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel, double-edged, false-edged. Handle Material: Gold-like finish, with Decorative Molds of Dragons, Raised Decoration on Pommel; Leather-Like Grips DISPLAY: Large Cherry Wood Plaque with Brass Hooks for Wall Display; 20" x 12"

Sold Out
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